Are You A Zombiefied Selfish Spoiled Brat? by John Milanoski

If I could wave the magic wand to get you to see how powerful you are and how significant you can be… Your Action at this point in history is paramount and the influence you exercise over others to move them in a positive direction is critical for your own livelihood and all generations to come. You take this lightly and its pissing me off! I call that Neglect!!! Maybe your kids will kick you in the ass soon!

There is Abundance but you will never experience that until you are willing to LET GO, start giving and contributing and respect all things of this earth. You do not own anything… you came here with nothing, you leave here with nothing and to destroy everything that was a privileged to you (and on loan to you) in a manner that the next generation will have no opportunity is just plain selfish. If you read this and say… “That’s not me…” I say… really? what makes you so special? what are you doing? If you feel irritated by reading this, them maybe you should ask why! I am only the messenger here to wake you from a deep sleep before its too late. I need your help to wake others! It is our responsibility and obligation, especially if you have children. Don’t have time to watch this video? don’t have time to think beyond your own selfishness? We’re all acting like spoiled brats!

There are things in this video you have known to be true but you just couldn’t define it. I say, WAKEUP and stop pretending like everything is ok. Ignorance will destroy you and if it doesn’t destroy you it will certainly be an extreme hardship on your offspring and next generation. Your own Self interest coupled with FEAR and GREED has brainwashed you. You are chasing THINGS with anticipation of happiness. Your happiness has nothing to do with the THINGS you are perusing. Keep living that lie and you will miss a potentially wonderful life only to realize at the end that it was all wasted on BS and you will suffer last moments with regret of what you have done for the generation you introduced.

~John Milanoski

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

Your Future depends on waking up!

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