So many people get sidetracked from their own life as they focus on what EVERYONE around them is up to. What they have, what they don’t have and then comparing.

What anyone else has, has nothing to do with your own ability. The biggest mistake you can make is to measure your own limitations by what someone else has or has not done. The results you produce are up to YOU! Any result you produce we can say it is horrible or good… it depends on who you compare to.

The real focus should be… Are you doing better that YOU. Did you perform better than you did before? Are you improving?

You’ll never know how high is high if you are too busy looking outside of yourself. If you are surrounded by mediocre people and that’s all you see and you compare your results to that… you are mediocre. Do you do “just enough” to get by? Do you do “just enough” to be number 1? Number 1 in your village may be the position of last in another village. Careful how you measure, it is a limitation.

Always strive to do better than you no matter how far out front you are!

If you are number one, see if you can lift others higher than you. That will cause you to go to the new level too, it will bring out more possibility because they will add perspective you had not noticed yet.

The real limit for you is the limit you set!

John Milanoski

you squared


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