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Who's this site for?

If you are or want to create positive change and you strive to operate from a model of integrity with genuine desire to make a difference for those around you, perhaps generations to come… this site's for you!

You think big… more importantly you are willing to ACT!

You are the person that's willing to stand up for what's right. Stand up to make a difference.  Challenge what you know in order to create a more elegant improved process of greater good! You're the person that will do the right, even when it doesn't feel so good! You enjoy stepping into any challenge because you know it will cause you to grow. you believe in win win!

Your focus and beliefs are what shape your life. I remind you that you have unlimited potential and the only thing in the way of living the life of your dreams in a way that helps others do the same is… YOU. First off, you must be a giver, (unconditionally). Love, forgiveness, patience, understanding, integrity, and living from a perspective of observation (not a judgment perspective), with the intent to deliver beneficial outcomes anywhere your help is needed and accepted. We’re all connected and we're designed to give, to serve.

Anyone can talk about themselves, the real measurement is by the impact you make. That is measured best by those you meet and know. I have left this page open for those that DO know me personally to share who I am with you (this ought to be interesting). I am no Saint and I strive to do my best. I am not without flaw, that’s for sure. I realize that the more I share what I know, the more I have opportunity to learn. We are all teachers and students  -CONNECTED!

If this sounds like mumbo jumbo… well, this site is NOT for you! You’ll see a little red x up in the right corner designed just for you.

All the best,
John Milanoski

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  • August 2, 2011 at 6:04 pm


    I was introduced to John through a mutual friend. This introduction was just before the launch of my book Rescue Me! How to Save Yourself (and Your Sanity) When Things Go Wrong. Even though I didn’t know John, I asked if he would help me get my uplifting message out as well as assist me in raising money for Junior Achievement, the world’s largest organization dedicated to preparing young people to be successful leaders in their communities. Even though John and I did not know much about each other yet, he believed in helping others when he could. Without hesitation, he said he would help.

    Despite his busy schedule, John got behind me 100% and thanks to his help, two things happened. My book reached best-seller status in five categories on Amazon (from entrepreneurship to decision making to leadership) but more importantly, money was raised for a great organization. The picture above is me recently presenting my book royalties to a district leader as a donation to Junior Achievement.

    John’s concern for others and his vision of what is possible continues to inspire me. I am pleased to call him a friend and business colleague.

    All the best,

    • August 2, 2011 at 7:05 pm

      Thank you for your update. It should be mentioned that I was sent a copy of your book and read it long before we met. Since I have spent much time in phone conversation with you and met you personally, I can say to anyone, you have my full endorsement and you are a blessing to us all. A value creator and giver!

      Based on your book alone, I would have shared it! You presented your book launch to me and the extra value that all proceeds from the sale would go to Junior Achievement. Even in a short time window, it was a worthwhile scramble to get your book promoted through the channels I could reach. Your book is also endorsed by Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos Inc.), Steve Ross (VP Sales, Level 3 Communications), Carlos Sandoval (VP, Wealth and Retirement Group, Wells Fargo), Chris Parsons (Managing Director Operations, Fedex) and on…

      I am fortunate to know you and have the added benefit of many brainstorming sessions we have had.

      Congrats on the book and keep your eyes wide open world… Much more to come!

      John Milanoski

  • June 23, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    Suzan Brittan Gault - Willie GaultJohn,

    It’s so refreshing to have a friend and Business leader live up to their promises. You, with out a doubt have come through on every one. I’m sure you’re feeling the push back from competitors even harder now as your success is becoming a reality and will soon rocket past all the wanna-be business models. Willie and I have been there since January, in your corner, on your side and on your team. When you came to California, stayed in our home with us, it was clear and evident how committed you are, not just to this business, but to every single person who signed on as a member. You make sure we understand that it is the work of ALL of us and big picture thinking that will make TCA a VERY successful reality WITH one another and NOT off one another.

    So, we thank you for your vision, your transparency, your loyalty, honesty, ethics, trustworthiness, humility, time, time, time ,time. I wish we could be more patient some times and realize that the ONE person who has the absolute MOST to lose… is YOU. Time, time with your family, friends, kids… just an hour for yourself. You give, to us, to TCA.

    Yes, us mere mortals… impatient, only because we KNOW the quick success this will bring once the well oiled machine is rolled out completely.

    It is with bowed heads we say to you… Thank you my friend… we promise not to let you down.

    With respect,
    Suzan & Willie Gault

  • May 18, 2011 at 7:48 am

    Jerry Clark - Club Rhino
    Nearly 20 years ago, I was working on creating new training programs for the Direct Sales/MLM industry. During that process I devoted several hours per day listening to other programs that were on the Market. One of the audios I came across was one written, performed, and produced by John Milanoski. It was a mind blowing audio which is why I wasn’t surprised to find out that it had sold hundreds of thousands of copies. I was impressed and made a commitment to personally connect with John. It was a great decision on my part because John was very instrumental in providing insights that assisted me in creating training programs through my company that has sold hundreds of thousands of copies as well to people in over 35 Countries across the Globe.

    John is a true Master at Visioning Strategies that produce Massive results. I pick up something powerful each time I communicate with John. Hopefully you benefit as much as I have during your time with Mr. Milanoski.

    Go, Go, Go!!!

    Jerry Clark
    Chief Empowerment Coach

    • May 18, 2011 at 10:41 am

      Jerry, My forever friend… It takes one to know one!

      Listening to Audio’s on the beach in Hawaii, Did my voice get anchored to a beautiful beach scene of abundance and possibility? It seems just like yesterday. You are a man that does what it takes. You flew to Washington and became one of the family here for a solid week. We disappeared into the Studio. Jerry knows a thing or two about Mastery, that’s for sure. Since then, you have been all over the world and are known by anyone that is a who’s who is the Direct Marketing Industry. The greatest industry of all!

      Jerry, you are the prime example of possibility. Most importantly, you give your all to anyone genuinely seeking to grow, contribute and BE!

      Jerry is a man of integrity, commitment and value. The wisdom he carries is far beyond his years. I really mean it folks, Jerry is the real deal, He is forever learning and improving (something we all should do). He is forever giving and caring!

      A Father, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Leader and Friend!

      As you listen to Jerry, take the time to step into what he has to share and really try it on and experience it. It will change your life if you let it!

      Thanks Jerry!
      GO, GO, GO!!!
      Be, Do, Have!

      PS. Sophia Says Hi!

      John Milanoski.

  • May 15, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    Rich Keal - Generation Wealth Partners


    I met John last November prior to leaving on a working trip to Europe for several months. We talked almost every day via Skype where I was able to introduce John to some of the most discriminating business minds throughout the country. We soon discovered how many people we had both met in common that are of the highest integrity and reputation in the personal development world and enjoyed sharing stories and experiences that have been invaluable to personal development.

    I can tell you unequivocally that John Milanoski is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met in my 25 years in the business world. Since my return from Europe in 2011 John and I have been working directly with the public presenting The Customer Advantage vision and everyone we meet has been genuinely excited about his paradigm shift that is truly revolutionary!

    Please feel free to contract me (Rich Keal) directly at 206-271-5478
    Rich Keal
    Generational Wealth Partners

  • May 15, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    Joel Friant
    Thanks for all you are doing for so many John! I feel so blessed to have met you and spent time with you in person back in November, '10. In that relatively short time and in our subsequent meetings, I have come to see that your drive to make a difference is unstoppable, and it's been an inspiration to me. Thank you for being real, thank you for never giving up. Thanks for your commitment of 'Value First'!

    I can't wait to see your vision fully roll out across America and then the world, and to see the lives it will change. I'm with you through thick and thin, and trust you know you can call on me to help whenever and wherever I can. :)

  • May 14, 2011 at 2:11 am

    Hello, I’m Matthew Schneider owner of one of the largest and most successful commercial Fishing Vessel brokerage firm based in Seattle WA.

    My path first crossed with John Milanoski some 10+ years ago when he came highly recommended by other business associates.

    John Milanoski has over the last 10+ years assisted me in a multitude of computer related and business projects. What I can tell you is for well over 10 years of working with John Milanoski… John walks his talk, he is reliable and especially there when you need him both as a friend and business confidant. I cannot say enough about John and everyone I have introduced him to and referred him to has commented the same.

    John will arrive with his ever distinguished smile, sit down, listen, devise a solution and have you smiling too.

    Based on my EXPERIENCE with John, I trust John completely in any business dealings, I am honored to call him a friend too!

    You have questions about John, please feel free to call me;
    206.399.8183 (mobile) 206.282.7775 (office)
    or email me:


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