Its sad. You were born into a system that allows you to believe your future is based on money. Money has become more important than humanity. Fear, Greed, Deception. Where are all the good people? Where are the ones with UNCOMPROMISING Integrity and Moral Character?

What do you Stand for? So many people are willing to bend their values for popular thought. Discard what they know to be right in exchange for fitting in!

Don't look for approval from others. Get clear on what is right and move with certainty in that light. At the end, you will understand... Your life is a result of what YOU chose and the actions YOU took. Life is unforgiving in that way because YOU designed it. You can point fingers all you want but it makes no difference because it is YOUR life you are living and you hold the bag of your results. It's the daily incremental things that lead to failure or success. Happiness or bitterness. Leaving a legacy worthwhile or a trail of resent.

Choose wisely and get away from the instant gratification microwave mentality. We are doing 1000 years of damage and neglect each year. Future generations will look at us as IDIOTS if we don't change this now. If there will be a future generation at all.

Unconditionally, I support you in this effort
~ John Milanoski

We are all one

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