Ever so often I get a chance to sit on the swing in the back yard and reflect.  Today, I was reflecting on some of my recent challenges and what I do to get through them.  I then started thinking about the majority of people out there.  I reflect on the comments made on forums, blogs and posts that mention my name or companies.  What most people don’t realize is how their words truly reflect a lot about the state they are currently in.

Most people are full of uncertainty and doubt and sit frozen with procrastination!

Ok, so now we’re dealing with your ego and you’re probably saying… John how dare you accuse me of that, I’m a doer, a leader and I certainly don’t let anything stop me!

Really?  Most of us really are a bit delusional about this.  You really have no idea of your true potential.

You can achieve anything.  If you can think it, create it in your mind, then it is possible.  Even the wildest things.  I think we are designed this way, we can only think of things that are possible.  Now, before you lump me into the woo woo crowd let me state something.  Just because anything is possible does’t necessarily mean you will be able to achieve it in your lifetime.  Many things we have today were started by someone that has long passed.  Some things require certain components that have not even been invented yet.  The real question is… this thing you imagine, is it really worth your time?  Frankly, some things will require vast resources of time, money, people, expertise, discover etc…  that means a potentially very long journey.  Before you start, ask… if this thing takes everything I have and the rest of my life to achieve is it worth it?  Time travel is possible but currently there are many things that must come together to make that happen.  The path is not so clear but it would certainly be worthwhile.

My suggestion and solution to revealing your greatness:

  1. I know it’s a bit cliché but seriously, it’s the journey.  Keep your eyes open because no matter what you pursue, if its big enough you are most likely to discover some very valuable and amazing things along the way.
  2. The only thing in the world that ultimately is RESULTS and that only happens when ACTION is taken… Any action.  Each action produces a result and that result can be measured and used to determine the next action step.  You can run formulas and scenarios filtered through past experience and book knowledge all you want but until someone combines and implements action, nothing measurable is produced.  Action is KING.
  3. Change your perspective about what a word used far too often  “Failure”.  There really is no failure; there is only another combination of action steps that did not work.  It just means you may need to change the formula.  The only time you can ever use the word failure is when you have completely given up. That’s Failure.  As long as you are taking action, learning and having the flexibility to adjust your approach, you can always find a way.  History is full of proof.
  4. Change your perspective on your purpose.  Do you do what you do to truly create value or are you just doing it because you want to make a buck, impress someone  or some other meaningless short lived outcome?  Be honest.

In my companies the sole purpose for me is to make a difference for the maximum number of people.  To create something that helps wake up the potential in you.  Some would say,  I am the leader.  I just say that I would never expect anyone to do something I myself wouldn’t be willing to do.  So, I build it with the understanding that most of it falls on my own shoulders and I’m ok with that.  I’ve married the love of my life, I have the worldly stuff, I have my kids and Family so I am certainly not trying to impress anyone, I have no need for that.  I do however desire to make my time here on this planet count.  To pursue BIG ideas.  When you pursue your passion it makes it much more likely that when things get tough, you’ll stay the course.  If you don’t pursue your dreams and biggest ideas, in my opinion you are taking up space and wasting a life!

I believe you are here for something big and if you’re  wasting it, you are depriving all of us!  You are meant for something special.   But, maybe, like most people you have not stepped up to make it happen.  You may have even lost your early dreams of who you would become in this life.  I wish I could give you a few magic words to wake up the giant in you.  It’s a bit uncomfortable to do, it may require you to get a whole new set of friends, it may require you to purge toxic people from your life.  All the people you have come accustomed and comfortable to hanging out with.   You’ll have to learn new skills and step into a bit of uncertainty.  That should excite you but somewhere; you lost the ability to think of it that way.  FEAR paralyzes so many people.

Face it, when you are going to achieve great things you will undoubtedly face many unknowns, that the prerequisite for discovery.  The option most chosen is to simply follow an easy path that someone else paved.  A so called “proven” or “secure” option.

So, here’s the last piece for today… its important!

Whatever you pursue, do it for good reason.  Be honest about where you are and what you need.  Be transparent and ask for help when you need it. Seek those that can help.  Realize that each encounter with another human being is valuable.  Each person you engage for business or personal be sure to deliver the most value to them as you can in the time you spend with them.  Determine if there is synergy and if it is a worthy mutual relationship to pursue.  If you are strictly meeting someone for a singular selfish gain you are missing out on greatness.  I understand some people you just won’t want to associate with or continue any interaction with.  That’s ok, part of the discovery, don’t waste time.  It’s in both your interest to cut the cord quick.  Realize that you should only pursue interaction with others you genuinely feel could be a lifelong relation as friend, business or other.  People you enjoy.  Interactions where it is a mutual stimulation of growth and thinking on many levels (spiritual, physical, intellectual, etc.)

Why do I say this?

Here’s the deal, what you’re pursuing may not always work out as planned but the relationships you create can go on for a lifetime and they have value beyond measure.  Your greatest successes will often happen because of the people you are surrounded by.

So there you have it.  The real value in your pursuit of achievement and accomplishment, It’s the relationships that happened while on your path.  Had you not been on that path, those relationships were not likely to happen.

For that reason, it’s important that you do not waste another moment to go after your outcome and big goal.  It’s not the goal, it’s the journey.  The relationships you are about to discover.  The doors that will open as you give value and associate with likeminded people that.  If whatever you pursue doesn’t go as planned, new plans will evolve because of the doors you opened and relationships you forged.


Move with certainty about who you are, what you stand for and your ability to take action.

All the best in all you do.

John Milanoski.

How to release your greatness.

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