An extreme example of how perception can truly shape your actions.

We do this with each thought about our experience.  We’re bombarded by data each moment. Constantly filtering this data through our beliefs, past experience, state of mind at the moment, time, space, values, etc… assigning meaning then acting in accordance with what we believe is the proper action.  Perceiving the doom, end or finalization of… business, relationship, opportunity, etc… is often premature and you do have the ability to influence the outcome.  Granted, if there was a nuclear bomb dropped on you, you might not have many options.   My point is that we often turn little things into Nuclear Bombs when they are not.  You’ve heard it before.  Mountains out of mole hills.

Think about and ask what you can do. What resources can you use, create or ask for right now? What can you do differently that will give you a better outcome?  look for the options with positive outcome.  solutions. 

“In moments of great uncertainty you may discover your most brilliant idea.”

Uncertainty breeds Opportunity. If your thoughts allow you to see it and you CAN improve your thoughts.

~John Milanoski

There’s a saying I’ve stated many times. I’m not sure where I first heard it but it was over 25 years ago.

“The optimist sees opportunity in every calamity. The pessimist sees calamity in every opportunity”

PS this is a great advertisement for “LG”

It’s your perception that creates your reality.

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