Zach is going in for Brain Surgery on January 3rd.

1000’s of cards and more to go, let’s keep up the momentum…
Let’s make sure we have cards deliverd every day until he gets home.
It’s simple and the impact is tremendous. He is on cloud nine right now,
knowing so many people are thinking of him, there to encourage
and support him.

Send any card, hand made, birthday card, christmas card…
He loves to open them. He has gotten cards from all over.
Pictures, drawings and good wishes. As you send
the card, do it with love in your heart.
Allow Zach to represent children all over the
world that are facing a challenge.

Allow your own heart to heal a bit too.

There are amazing people out there and

I am so glad you are one of
them. Take a litte time
today and share zachs
story. Enlist your
friends to join you
in sending a card
to Zach.


The past post I put up is here: Cards for Zachary

You can Spread the word because it takes 2 seconds via twitter and facebook! You can tweet about it by copying and pasting the following message:

Singer Ceej dedicates song to 10yr old Zach, listen & send #ZachBee a card! via @john_milanoski @PeriwinklePapi

when you post that link, it will direct them back here for the address so they can send cards too:

Zach Bee, 6343 Helen, Garden City, Michigan 48135 USA

Thank you Ceej for dedicating this song to Zach. You’re amazing. ~ John Milanoski

Please visit Ceej’s youtube channel and click the like button.

Check this out, we’ve reached all over the world, even Channel 7 Action News came to visit Zach!

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