Please let me introduce you to someone I have grown to respect and is definitely worth your time to visit.

Chase Jarvis talks with Robert Greene about his new book “Mastery”

Chase Jarvis is a cool dude. I have a special appreciation for people that really follow their passion and do something with it. He’s certainly been flowing through life’s journey in a great way that delivers value to so many people (that includes you, if you’ll step through the door that is open).

Bottom line… If you are not doing what you love, you should be afraid. selling out your life for a paycheck and avoidance of fear just sucks. Today, with change happening so fast and so much opportunity everywhere its a necessity to wake up and realize you have both avoiding pain and securing your future to push/pull you into a better direction. If not, just realize you’re heading blindly towards a cliff. If you have to convince yourself you love what you do, If you don’t wake nearly every day on fire and passionate about the day and what you get to do then that should be your first clue. Uncertainty is a feeling and illusion, you have it where you are now and if you dont sense it, you might be a little too comfortable and even in denial.

when you do realize the uncertainty and want to find your passion, start asking questions until you do. You will!

Life is Short.
Live your passion! In love, In business, In everything you do!

All the best,
John Milanoski

Mastery – You CAN!

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