This 18 yr old girl changed your world.
When you follow your ideas inspiration and dream amazing discoveries appear.
So, Eesha Khare, a student at Lynbrook High School in Saratoga, Calif., just revealed a her invention that changes energy storage significantly. Imagine, you’ll soon charge your cellphone in seconds not hours and the charge will last longer too.

Why’d she do it? Because her cellphone battery was always dead.

I wonder if Elan Musk will be calling her? Could this shift the tide in favor of battery powered cars?

She made a new supercapacitor and now batteries can charge in seconds vs hours and withstand 10x more recharging cycles.


If you imagined it, its possible! Now, whether you’re willing to create and follow through, that’s the question.

~John Milanoski

I love Creativity and Vision [002]

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