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I do a lot of speaking to large organizations.  Recently, I was speaking to my own organization and of course they were looking for details, some of which I could not provide simply because there were factors that were unknown.  Things I could shape and interact with but did not necessarily control.  I do my best to avoid too much speculation, I like results!

As I spoke, someone said, “its a bunch of rah rah”.  I thought to myself…  well that is true! It is rah rah!  What the heck is wrong with that?  On the day everything is running perfect and all the challenges are out of the way, what kept you going when it was tough and unknown and what will you have to talk about?  it will hopefully be RAH RAH!

I then thought, wait a minute.  The people that changed the world the most delivered a tremendous amount of Rah Rah.

John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Anthony Robbins, Napolean Hill, W. Clement stone, The Greatest Coaches, The Greatest Heroes of History….  It is where fact, Philosophy and inspiration all come together!  WE all need a little inspiration and reminder about our potential.  If there is going to be change, there will be Rah Rah and this is especially true when it involves numbers of people.  Just because you know something, doesn’t mean everyone knows it!  give those around you a chance to learn and be inspired.  The things they know may be unknown to you too!

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