To those who contibuted.
Intention of Funds in relation to Karl Milanoski by: John Milanoski

This note is to answer some recent questions regarding funds that were given to support the Milanoski Family.

Karl was never married and has been living alone for 7 years.  It is my opinion that the Estate of Karl Milanoski should completely go to Amirah, Karl’s Daughter. It should be protected in a manner that best provides something for her future. In a wise way that would facilitate the wise use of resources left for her at a time she would most benefit. This could be college or a business perhaps or anything that will create value in her life. That is best set up by an expert.

The death of a loved one is very emotional and decisions need to be very objective regarding an estate.

With a recent passing of my Grandfather and Father (and now my brother) I am very aware of the expenses that can arise due to many factors including services, funeral, legal etc.

I am the Founder of a company that has over 200,000 members and I do a weekly conference call as well as frequent emails. Most of these members know the impact and affect the time around my Grandfather, then Fathers passing had on me personally and my business as well. There were many questions by members about how they can contribute and support our family. At first request I declined because I did not have a mechanism to facilitate this. Over time more requests came in and Andrea Barone (A member and leader in our company) had called me to please set something up, many people were contacting her to find out where to send money.

Since Karl has never been married and has lived on his own for 7 years.  Karl did not have a will and it was uncertain that he had anything to cover these expenses.  It was apparent to me the costs could mount quickly.  My Mother is next of kin and I knew that this would not be easy for her.  No one is prepared for sudden things of this nature. My Mother would need to come here, she would need to stay for some time and this is something she was not prepared for either. The legal fees or what would happen was completely unknown. I set up the Fund to allow those that wanted to contribute and help support these things. The intention was clearly stated on the page itself. This is a private fund to offset those expenses.

It was asked, where is Karl’s Wife.  He was never married.  Sabina had moved out on her own in 2005 and has a home in Lynwood, WA.  It was asked how this benefits Amirah. It benefits Amirah because the expenses would need to be covered from somewhere and often it is the estate that pays. The Estate should go to Amirah and the outcome should be to protect that value for her. Legal expenses should be minimized because that is typically the largest expense.

Currently, many necessary services have been covered including the memorial, cremation and other services. The important and necessary legal fees are not final yet and have not been completely covered. These expenses are necessary so that Amirah is protected in the best way possible and her interest preserved. There are many considerations in this manner and it is not easy to structure and that is why (in my opinion) it’s best to allow a third party to intervene. There are many perspectives and well intended ideas. Ultimately, it should be guided by a neutral party that has Amirah’s interest first.

I am here to support my Mother and immediate Family in this manner the best I can. This has assisted in that. I have had no personal gain from the funds and more than likely, it will go to legal expenses. This does help Amirah because the only reason there are any legal fees are to protect her.

Thank you for your support towards a peaceful rest of my brother and his family.  It has been very helpful.


John Milanoski

Karl Milanoski – John Milanoski

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