Premier identity theft protection: Everyone knows the horror in having our identity stolen. How it can ruin your credit score, the lost time in calling all your creditors and how it can take years to put your credit back together.

Don’t let that ever happen to you. Protect yourself with premier Identity Theft Protection. Premier and ID911, a leader in identity theft protection with over 30 million members since 2003. Ask yourself… at $30.00 for the year is it worth all the headache and time to protect your family?

Creative Solutions Group LLC is pleased to offer to The Customer Advantage members their premier Identity Theft Services powered by Identity Theft 911. ID911 is one of the nation’s leading resolution and proactive companies when it comes to identity theft services.

Program Features include–
1) Full Family Coverage
2) One on one Fraud Specialist until case is resolved
3) Proactive services to prevent identity theft before it happens
4) Access to our “Identity Theft Knowledge Center” 24/7/365
5) Monthly newsletter on the latest identity theft schemes
6) 24/7/365 active call center to assist members
7) One full year of family coverage

July 28, 2011 John Milanoski and Executives from Creative Solutions Group, Ken Franson & Gary Treadwell.

July 28 2011 snippet [ Premier Identity Theft ] 50% off!

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