Intelligence and simple logic reveal some intriguing and startling things about The Customer Advantage (TCA)… It’s so counter-intuitive that you may find your ideas of business altered forever!


The Customer Advantage is High Road by John Milanoski
  1. TCA is FREE (to members and businesses)
  2. TCA is open to anyone over 18 (individuals, businesses, not for profits, churches, Clubs, etc…)
  3. TCA requires no inventory.
  4. TCA does not require you to sign up for auto ship.
  5. TCA has no sales quota you have to meet in order to be paid.
  6. TCA has no geographic boundaries (within the areas the company is currently active).
  7. TCA has mass appeal (it’s just about every product you can imagine)
  8. TCA is the Ultimate Value because…You only make a purchase when YOU find something you like or want.
  9. TCA products are not inflated to facilitate rewards, they are deflated (you’ll save 50% or better on all types of products and services from local and national companies).
  10. TCA is a win win Value is delivered first then rewards are delivered.
  11. TCA rewards you in direct proportion of the results produced.
  12. TCA benefits multiple people with the same transaction you would normally do. As a member, even at the most simple level, you are making a difference.
    1. You are saving 50% or better on items you want.
    2. You simply share and this may develop into extra income for you and those you share with (far beyond just the people you initially share with).
    3. You are helping local small and medium businesses.
    4. You are helping create jobs locally.
    5. You are benefitting non-profit groups (schools, clubs, churches etc..).
    6. You feel good because it is completely win win win. You, friends, businesses and non profits. All for something you can easily love to do (buy products you want at 50% or better savings). It’s no wonder over 80,000 people enrolled in the first 90 days!

Experts agree this is the best model for dong business EVER!

The Customer Advantage has Changed the Game
The Customer Advantage has Changed the Game
john milanoski – The Customer Advantage Scam or what?

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