Self-made Billionaire, Dan Gelbart shows you how to build things very quickly with machinery that's easy to master in your garage.

Meet Dan Gelbart.  He wanted to be at home more with his first born so he sought a project that would allow him to be at home more.  The first big thing he accomplished "from his garage" (and after a crash course in optics) was to build a high-speed film recorder to record satellite imagery.  He created this opportunity by proposing to build a better solution at 1/10th the current 400,000.00 cost being paid by a prospective client.  He managed to do so within a 12 month deadline. That recorder was called FIRE 240 and evolved to be a new company  called Cymbolic Sciences (still using the same basic designs today).

Dan went on to develop technologies in optical storage and founded a company called Creo. You can read plenty about him elsewehere.

Here's his videos on smart prototyping. Perhaps it will inspire you too.​

I love Creativity and Vision [011] Self-Made Billionaire gives 18 Lessons in Smart Prototyping

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