Everyone deals with this in some way… Feeling down? Uncertain about the future?  Uncertain about what steps to take? Having trouble finding options? Too many options? not sure which way to go?

Want the answer?

Take Action.  Get up and take action!

Pick a step, pick a path, identify something you can do right away, focus and take action.  If you are stuck, do something different than you are doing right now. If you are sitting, get up. If you are stagnant, get moving, if you are indoors, go outdoors, if you are in the dark, turn on the light, if you are breathing shallow, breathe deep. you get the idea?

Why does this work better than anything else?

Action is the fuel for ideas.  Action reveals what works and what doesn’t.  Doing it all in your head is not truth, it’s a start, but always remember… it’s made up! Action produces results that can be measured.  Anything that can be measured can be improved.

Focus on small steps and get them done.  Overwhelm just means you are unclear and probably trying to do too many things.   Be excited that each action you take will produce some sort of result and each result gets you closer to understanding and also to finding the best solution.

Think I am full of hoha?  Well, test what I say.  Really test it and let me know.

All the best to you,

John Milanoski.

PS give in a big way… Give the most important things there are and give as much as you can and do it without expectation because you will never run out and it will always come back in spades (not necessarily from the one you gave directly to, and that would be expectation not unconditional!).  what are those things?  Love, forgiveness, encouragement and maybe just a smile.



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