Today, we claim to be connected but from what I see, so many are MORE disconnected.

I am eager to see the evolution of technology that delivers on the promise. I support that 100%.

Unfortunately, most would rather rant about someones failures then applaud them for leaping. Failure only exists for you that accept it. For me, it does not exist, I am always learning something and each thing I learn reveals a new clarity on the path that allows me to step further. I don’t mind if you stay where you are but do not expect me to stay there with you because you are afraid.

The more you criticize and badmouth, the faster I want to move away from you. Haters are the reverse of connecting.

Just remember, all that is magnificent around you today came from someone that was willing to step out differently first! You will soon follow. Too bad your illusion of safety has bound you to nothingness.

Yes, I do love you, all of you. I do understand your hate and blame, it is a magnification of the turmoil within you. I can show you a better way but you have to want it first. As always… All the best to you and I support you in all effort towards greatness. Count me in!

This little rant by,
John Milanoski.

Are you really connecting [1]

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