I fully believe in education. I think you should take the initiative to direct your own education. If you have children, play an active roll in where they are heading and the ideas they have about getting there. Develop self-reliance and teach others do to the same.

The changes we are facing are increasing at a breakneck speed and if you don’t wake up soon you’ll wonder how you got so stuck! We live in a culture controlled by FEAR and GREED! If you say you don’t participate in that… You’re in denial. It is at the core of our culture here. We are born and raised in it and it is so entwined in our thought process that it is difficult to think of life otherwise.

It is the only reason we have War, poverty and corruption… FEAR and GREED is at the heart of it all. Its in you because you just don’t know any better. Bright and Shiny objects at the expense of Natural Harmony, at the expense of Humanity.

What would it be like if you had all the resources you need the things that you work so hard to get now and have you in slaveitude… Things like food and energy! It’s a mindset of scarcity to keep you in check and control you. It pisses you off to hear this because you know it’s true! You are NOT FREE. You have been told you are and completely brainwashed to believe it.

If you are truly free, how come you cannot or are not willing to share all you have to help others? How come you won’t freely give your knowledge and time to help a cause or others? It is this same thing that keeps us all from progressing. A simple mind shift to understanding that first off… we own nothing on this planet and we must stop destroying it, we must come together, learn and educate one another and Share in the responsibility of nurturing this planet before we end our own species. War, poverty, scarcity is all induced by the few that want to control the many.
One planet, Human Race… Wake UP.

Let’s get all the people that want to do something about it together and fix this, NOW before its too late!

-John Milanoski

College Conspiracy!

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