How 2 simple minutes of your time can make a young boys day for life!



Find a card… any card, unused Birthday card, Christmas card or other… send it to 10 year old Zach right away…

He turns 10 in January and he is scheduled to undergo brain surgery to remove a tumor.  Let’s cover the walls of his room with Cards!

This one hits close to home for me!

Most of you know, my youngest daughter “Kiley” has a rare condition called Ring-Chromosome 13. She has had some extreme challenges in her life. Several years ago she had an urgent spinal operation at Children’s Hospital here in Seattle. It did not go as planned. It was the scariest day of my life. The surgery went on for over 14 hours and it was another reality check on life for me. Another moment to realize how precious each moment is and what is REALLY important in our time here on this planet. As you can see, I have a special appreciation for what I am about to share with you and I hope I can inspire you to take 2 minutes and perform a simple task that will have a huge impact.

There are so many people that need assistance in the world and I certainly strive to do my best as I am able. This one is simple for all of us.

Send a card to Zach. Any card, A birthday card, Christmas Card, Get well card… Any card you can find that has not been used. Just write to Say Hi or something uplifting.

Since you are thinking about it now, commit to doing it. Do it now, put it in the mail. Zach collects things and will love any card you send him.

If you want to get more specific his favorite colors are blue and red. He likes buses, trains, cars, army stuff Mater from Cars, Winnie the Pooh & big stuffed bears. Any vehicles, esp. big ones…buses, trains, tractors, dump trucks, etc.

Also, Please help spread the word via twitter and facebook! You can tweet about it by copying and pasting the following message:

Send 10yr old #ZachBee a card! via @john_milanoski @PeriwinklePapi

That will direct them back here for the address which again is:

Zach Bee
6343 Helen
Garden City, Michigan 48135 USA

It takes 2 seconds… THANK YOU for helping spread a little cheer.

Jenni -

The original post was given to me by Jenni and her blog post is here

The person that started the whole movement Sara on her blog post: Cards for Zach
Cards for Zachary

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