It’s always intriguing to me how opposed so many can be to reality or something different. In this video from recent past, you’ll see that bitcoin was trading around 46 (up from pennies) and of course at that time people were in awe and disbelief. Now bitcoin trades over 800.00 a coin. I recall a year ago many personal friends receiving 10, 20, 100 even 1000 bitcoins as purchase and also as gift etc… imagine, those coins are now worth over 800 each. One of the first transactions was in the 1000’s of bitcoins for a pizza.

Thing is… This could be just the beginning. This unmanipulated, highly secure, boundary-less currency is the ultimate hedge in my opinion. you could see them go to over 10,000.00 per coin value. YOU CAN BUY bitcoins IN INCREMENTS, you don’t need to buy whole coins you can buy fraction, just as we have 100.00 bills, 10, 1’s and pennies… you can buy .00000234 of bitcoin. GAME CHANGED! pay attention.

John Milanoski

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