It is sad. We have come to this place where the majority are so selfish! You say you are not but every thought you have is about YOU! ME, ME, ME, I, I, I. You chase things which you think you must have with the excuse of your neglect being that it is important. You hold onto what you have (un-impotant things) as if there is no more available. You are in a mindset of scarcity and therefore you will be without! If this offends you to be told this, then you especially will want to read on and perhaps you should think about why you are offended. YOUR actions came from YOU, Pointing a finger does not remove what any of us have done. What others have done will never excuse us from our responsibility. Maybe you got here in the middle of the mess and you didn’t know any better, but now you do know.

Let me remind you, YOU came here with NOTHING and YOU will leave here with NOTHING. By default, everything here is on loan to you and you have abused that privilege. You have gone against Nature. We are a guest on the planet but WE have continued to neglect and destroy it. WE have joined the rally of the disillusioned chasers of nonsensical bright and shinny objects. The choice towards Profit and not harmony. Responsibility ADD!

There will only be Abundance for you when you operate that way. It will first require you to stop thinking of only YOU. As you make that transition there will be the gap between where you are now ( lack and scarcity ) and Abundance. it is in this gap that most will fall, they will fall back to holding onto what little they have and that which is unimportant. Stuck forever! You have been blinded by your own notion of Abundance.

One day, you will realize, you can give away all that is important and NEVER EVER run out. Matter of fact, the more you give of these things, the more there will be!

Think about it,

John Milanoski

Be Accountable & Responsible

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