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John Milanoski – Founder/CEO of TCA

Hosted by: National Director Andrea Barone

Throughout history, Great people became evident as they rise up to solve some of the largest challenges. Today, Many people are facing challenges and uncertainty they never anticipated. Most everyone will have to re-invent the way they create an income over the coming years. Unfortunately, for most, they will wait until the last minute (the point they absolutely must do it) before they make any change at all. What if you could do it in baby steps? What if you could go at your own pace? what if you had assistance from others close to you, people in your community right now? That’s what The Customer Advantage is!

~ John Milanoski

This is a more detailed overview of how The Customer Advantage Works.
You’ll want to check out

[ 02-09-2012 ] The Customer Advantage – Corporate Webinar

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